[CF055] th’idiot – Decent Refuge EP

[CF055] th’idiot – Decent Refuge EP

Released on Monday 30th May 2011 at, free download.


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A quartet of original braindance tracks from Brighton’s th’idiot and a remix of each by Global Goon, Luke’s Anger, Roy of the Ravers and the mysterious DJ Spunkshower.

1. ear pinch
2. nippel flash
3. ant erg
4. korg duet
5. ear pinch (DJ Spunkshower’s Earpunch Mix)
6. ant erg (Luke’s Anger Remix)
7. korg duet (Roy of the Ravers’ Anal Lord Mix)
8. nippel flash (Global Goon’s Dub)

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Artist comments: Gratz to Stian, Luke, Roy, J.Hok, Wassim, Alfie, Mira, Binary Mum and the Cheetah.

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