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The Centrifuge feature on Solipsistic Nation – Nonlocality Mix and Interview with missaw

missaw recently compiled a feature mix entitled “Nonlocality” for the venerable US podcast series Solipsistic Nation which also includes an interview discussing many of the latest developments at The Centrifuge. Enjoy!

For more info and download, check the show out on the Solipsistic Nation website


Monster X “Resurrection”
Tudor Acid “Same Time As Before”
Icarus “Sparkley Bear”
Eutechnik “Alex Makes It Good”
Interview with Wassim of The Centrifuge
Gareth Clarke “Factory Brew”
Roel Funcken “Ledge”
Roy of the Ravers “Oriental x0x-press”
Tom Yaxley “Ambienty (Carl Brown ‘92 Cornwall Mix)”
Anodyne “Empire of Light”
Tudor Acid “Cipher9497″
Interview with Wassim of The Centrifuge
NeuteK “Epoch”
Rival Consoles “Vos”

missaw’s ACID mix for 030303

Sorry for the delay in posting last month’s news but its busy times at CF towers at the moment.

In January 2011, missaw and Roy of the Ravers skipped over to Utrecht at the behest of the legendary Dutch acid crew 030303. To commemorate the occasion, missaw was asked to put together a little mix with some of our latest acid licks. Hope you enjoy, tracklist and links to more information on artists are below.

Automatic Tasty – Window Funk
The Weather Channel – Weather Channel 4
Tudor Acid – Prephrase
brokeBust – The Ballad Of Frank Olson
Global Goon – mAKE mE
NeuteK – Orinoco (Roy Of The Ravers‘ Centrifugal Force Mix)
Exillon – Minwarelectro
Mr Nibbles feat. NeuteK – 303EMU
Cursor Miner – Millions Of Frogs
Scrubber Fox – Acid Bass Rape On Tablets Of Power

And you can see a clip of Roy’s awesome set below!

The Centrifuge Showcase Mix on Electronic Explorations

Here it is! The Centrifuge and Acroplane hook up once more to deliver 2x 40minutes of weird and wonderful music for the ever-excellent Electronic Explorations podcast series.

Check it out!

Acroplane Recordings
[01] – automatic tasty – big bad
[02] – koen park – a figurative gestation
[03] – red box recorder – the king’s english
[04] – mad ep – no. 14 in e minor
[05] – baconhead – goonies
[06] – electromeca – crusin’ for concrete
[07] – t-polar – zero
[08] – hurtdeer – anhedonia
[09] – sietzen – thelma step
[10] – mothboy – fight song
[11] – dead sound – flipside
[12] – ebola – portland 2cb
[13] – wagawaga – cheeky bastard
[14] – igorr – oesphage de tourterelle
[15] – electromeca – steam funk
[16] – mad ep vs. larvae – stepping amongst daysleepers
[17] – wahn – slow controller
[18] – molez – routine
[19] – somatic responses – shinjuku walk
[20] – prince kong – stamina
[21] – vertical 67 – float

The Centrifuge Tracklisting:
[01] – The Weather Channel – Weather Channel 5
[02] – Quip – Babs
[03] – Vaetxh – The Sky Is An Abyss
[04] – The Gasman – Polymerase
[05] – Rotodrone – Bolyaiphase (Yellow Then Blue Remix)
[06] – Koolmorf Widesen – Bow94 (Scrubber Fox Remix)
[07] – Eutechnik – Untitled 1
[08] – Tudor Acid – Robot Cowboy Rides A Robot Horse
[09] – EOD – Cannibal Acid
[10] – Wisp – Untitled
[11] – Gareth Clarke – Semmlweis
[12] – Carl Brown – Day Before Day
[13] – Global Goon – mAKE ME
[14] – Roy of the Ravers – Radford Raver
[15] – Rotodrone – Rings Around The Sun (Vertical67 Remix)
[16] – Eutechnik – Untitled 2

The mix is a selection put together by Mad EP and the label.

Acroplane is a long established label based in Belfast. Firstly starting as a free music only label, they’ve recently started to also sell a 2nd line of releases via most digi stores including records by Porcelain Minotaurs (aka Bong-ra), Electromeca, Baconhead and wAgAwAgA.

Keep an eye out for soon — New releases from Sunken Foal, Somatic Responses, T-Polar, Mad EP and Mothboy amongst others.

Acroplane still release the occasional freebie too from quality up and coming artists needing exposure.

The Centrifuge label & agency showcase mix for Electronic Explorations.

Compiled by missaw in Berlin, June 2010.

The Centrifuge is a global artist collective interested in all forms of experimental and electronic music. It was formed in early 2007 by missaw and NeuteK whilst residing in Nottingham, UK. At the start it was just those two playing once a month in the back room of the now defunct Blueprint Nightclub.

missaw would play some nice tunes and NeuteK would play a tracker liveset, or live coding, or maybe hacking dance mat software to make people fall over. Simple times. Captain Chaos and Sadistician of sister label Braincore Recordings also got involved and things were fun if a little inconsequential.

Then the club got closed down, and we decided to organise events in places like London, Manchester, Leeds, Malta and Berlin. We started our free digital label in June 2008 and have put out 50 releases thus far, with approximately 100k downloads to date. 2010 has been a busy year for The Centrifuge so far, as the label HQ relocation to Berlin in January was accompanied by the announcement of an artist management & booking agency and a significant roster expansion.

Most of the tracks in this selection for Electronic Explorations are fresh cuts from our label with a few two exclusive treats from our agency crew for good measure. Hope you enjoy!

24/08/10 Agency Newsletter: Bong-Ra, Global Goon, Point B, Tudor Acid, The Gasman, Kill Ref

The Centrifuge Agency Newsletter
Artist Update – August 2010

Cutting edge live electronic and electro-acoustic music, audiovisual installations, performance art, music PR & consultancy and lecture / seminar sessions.
New Signing: Bong-Ra / November Dates Open
We welcome “jungle rock” titan Bong-Ra to our roster and announce his availability for live sets in November. Enquiries to [email protected]

More information on Bong-Ra’s Profile Page.

Global Goon – New Releases & Winter Tour
Global Goon is available for live & DJ sets. Enquiries to [email protected]
A former shepherd and one-time roommate to Richard D. James, he spent 10 years as a core part of the Rephlex phenomenon. Now releasing on labels as diverse as Planet Mu, We Me, Balkan Vinyl and The Centrifuge, his direct dancefloor assault involves such armaments as acid, disco, techno and funk.
He will be touring in support of his new LP on the Balkvan Vinyl imprint this winter.
Point B – New Album Soon
Point B is available for live sets. Enquiries to [email protected]

Point B is the creation of writer and producer Richard Bultitude. Combat Recordings’ released his second LP ‘Suicide Beauty Spot’ in 2010 and this takes his sound above and beyond all that has gone before it with a stunning sonic journey that massages the synapses and shakes the hips. The sound he has perfected over the last 7 years is a slick, textured, bass rich take on Dubstep/2-step hybridised with cerebral electronica.He is putting the finishing touches to his 3rd album so his live sets are jam packed with exclusive new material!

Tudor Acid – New Release & Website
Tudor Acid is available for live sets. Enquiries to [email protected]
Tudor Acid is the main creative alias of Richard Wigglesworth, a Bristol native and senior acolyte of the church of ACID. His fully live hardware sets have wowed dancefloors across England and his nascent label Tudor Beats has just launched a new website.
The Gasman – New Releases
The Gasman is available for live sets. Enquiries to [email protected]
The Gasman has been at the forefront of deconstructed sonic exploration for almost a decade now, and having recently released a new album on Planet Mu and an EP on The Centrifuge he is on a roll.
Kill Ref – New Release Forthcoming

Kill Ref is available for live and DJ sets. Enquiries to [email protected]
Kill Ref aka Ale Signore is a Rome-based musician and DJ specialising in electronica, glitch and hard electro. With a killer 4/4 EP emerging on Labrynth Records he is set to take dancefloor destruction to the next level.
View our full roster:

Recent Newsletters:

Contact Us:
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +44 7951 487478
The Centrifuge Label & Agency (London / Berlin)

[LDN] 08/07 Midweek Charity Session with RADIOACTIVEMAN & DJ EARWAX

Design by Fran Thornton –


The Centrifuge Charity Fundraiser @ The MacBeth, Hoxton
Thursday 8th July // 19:00-01:00

Donations on the door and inside!

Facebook event:

Back for their 2nd session at legendary venue The MacBeth in Hoxton, cutting edge electronic collective The Centrifuge are throwing a charity fundraiser in support of MacMillan Cancer Support. The buckets have arrived, the bunting’s wrapped and all the music sorted for a charity do that feels as good as it sounds. This is a win-win people. Come down and get that warm fuzzy glow going on, and even if you can’t please spread the word. Positive karma guaranteed!

There’s a crack team of electronic musicians on board the Thursday night altruistic rave vessel: not least living legend RADIOACTIVEMAN touching down for an electro session whilst 303-abuse pair TUDOR ACID, late addition THE DOUBTFUL GUEST and mystery live guest DJ EARWAX are gonna turn the tempo up and get sweaty. SCHEME BOY is in effect to bombard, pummel and amaze and The Centrifuge’s latest signing VAETXH showcases his mind-melting bass/glitch fusion. Your DJ team for the evening are null+void blog lady KIERSTY and The Centrifuge’s resident misanthrope MISSAW.

Donations are being taken on the door, and inside too. Plenty of surprises on the night too :)

Radioactiveman (Control Tower) –
The Doubtful Guest (Planet Mu, Death$ucker) –
Tudor Acid (Tudor Beats) –
Scheme Boy (Adverse Camber / The Centrifuge) –
missaw (The Centrifuge) –
Kiersty (null+void) –
Vaetxh (The Centrifuge) –

& secret guest DJ EARWAX…


The Centrifuge Radio Show TONIGHT – guest mix from TUDOR ACID

To celebrate the release of Acid Futures Vol.1 and the forthcoming release of Vol.2, we’ve an hour long guest mix this week from Tudor Acid, containing material from both his outstanding ‘Merri Portland’ lp and the forthcoming ‘The Wrong Side Of Day’. As well as enough acid to drown a small trawler in, we’ve new music from King Cannibal, PJ Pooterhoots, Khalija, Jonas The Plugexpert, Lifecycle, Space Dimension Controller and many, many more.

You can listen live on 10-12pm UK time, or via the archives afterwards. The show is also available via iTunes and will now be uploaded to Mixcloud too

[CF303] Various Artists – Acid Futures Volume I Released

[CF303] Various Artists – Acid Futures Compilation Volume I

Released on Sunday 6th June 2010 at, free download.

Part 1 of a bumper 2 album acid compendium. Drink it in…


Please enter your email address below to download the ZIP Archive (16 Tracks + Artwork, 320kbps MP3, 172 MB). A link will be emailed to you.


Privacy & Anti-Spam notice: We are building a low-frequency label only mailing list. We will send no more than one email per month to you, focussed on our new releases. We will never sell, share or otherwise desecrate your private information!


Tracklist Volume I:
1. Cane – Non-Fiction
2. Tudor Acid – Robot Cowboy Rides A Robot Horse
3. Chevron – Fasilides
4. Herv – Northern Soulless
5. Tom Yaxley – Ambienty (Carl Brown ’92 Cornwall Mix)
6. Cursor Miner – Millions Of Frogs
7. Helico Bacter & My Gloomy Machine – Part III (Kill Ref Glitchacido RMX)
8. Atlas Moth – Okley Sodom
9. Automatic Tasty – 606 Ways To Say…
10. Scrubber Fox – Futurestrasse
11. brokeBust – The Ballad of Frank Olson
12. Myoptik – Acid Combing
13. Quip – t0chre
14. Mr Nibbles feat. NeuTek – 303EMU
15. Robot for Brains – This Is Life
16. th’idiot – Korg Duet

Published by The Centrifuge in June 2010 using a Creative Commons License.

Cane – Non Fiction: vocal by Non Genetic / Shadow Huntaz. Released on vinyl Creative Space 2008.

Download from website:
Press/Contact: [email protected]

Published by The Centrifuge using a Creative Commons License.

The Centrifuge: Experimental electronic events, label and artist management.
View our artist agency website:

[CF303] Acid Futures Previews

Here are some previews of the forthcoming [CF303] Acid Futures compilation, enjoy! The 2-volume release is out in June.

Acid Futures by The Centrifuge