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missaw’s ACID mix for 030303

Sorry for the delay in posting last month’s news but its busy times at CF towers at the moment.

In January 2011, missaw and Roy of the Ravers skipped over to Utrecht at the behest of the legendary Dutch acid crew 030303. To commemorate the occasion, missaw was asked to put together a little mix with some of our latest acid licks. Hope you enjoy, tracklist and links to more information on artists are below.

Automatic Tasty – Window Funk
The Weather Channel – Weather Channel 4
Tudor Acid – Prephrase
brokeBust – The Ballad Of Frank Olson
Global Goon – mAKE mE
NeuteK – Orinoco (Roy Of The Ravers‘ Centrifugal Force Mix)
Exillon – Minwarelectro
Mr Nibbles feat. NeuteK – 303EMU
Cursor Miner – Millions Of Frogs
Scrubber Fox – Acid Bass Rape On Tablets Of Power

And you can see a clip of Roy’s awesome set below!

[CF303] Various Artists – Acid Futures Volume I Released

[CF303] Various Artists – Acid Futures Compilation Volume I

Released on Sunday 6th June 2010 at, free download.

Part 1 of a bumper 2 album acid compendium. Drink it in…


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Tracklist Volume I:
1. Cane – Non-Fiction
2. Tudor Acid – Robot Cowboy Rides A Robot Horse
3. Chevron – Fasilides
4. Herv – Northern Soulless
5. Tom Yaxley – Ambienty (Carl Brown ’92 Cornwall Mix)
6. Cursor Miner – Millions Of Frogs
7. Helico Bacter & My Gloomy Machine – Part III (Kill Ref Glitchacido RMX)
8. Atlas Moth – Okley Sodom
9. Automatic Tasty – 606 Ways To Say…
10. Scrubber Fox – Futurestrasse
11. brokeBust – The Ballad of Frank Olson
12. Myoptik – Acid Combing
13. Quip – t0chre
14. Mr Nibbles feat. NeuTek – 303EMU
15. Robot for Brains – This Is Life
16. th’idiot – Korg Duet

Published by The Centrifuge in June 2010 using a Creative Commons License.

Cane – Non Fiction: vocal by Non Genetic / Shadow Huntaz. Released on vinyl Creative Space 2008.

Download from website:
Press/Contact: [email protected]

Published by The Centrifuge using a Creative Commons License.

The Centrifuge: Experimental electronic events, label and artist management.
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[CF303] Acid Futures Previews

Here are some previews of the forthcoming [CF303] Acid Futures compilation, enjoy! The 2-volume release is out in June.

Acid Futures by The Centrifuge

[CF030] Various Artists – The Centrifuge Remixed

[CF030] Various Artists – The Centrifuge Remixed

Released Sunday September 6th 2009 at, free download.

Something special to celebrate reaching the ripe old age of 30. Members of The Centrifuge’s ever-growing roster and invited friends contributed remixes of tracks from our back catalogue.

CF030 cover


Please enter your email address below to download the ZIP Archive (23 Tracks + Artwork, 320kbps MP3, 242 MB). A link will be emailed to you.


Privacy & Anti-Spam notice: We are building a low-frequency label only mailing list. We will send no more than one email per month to you, focussed on our new releases. We will never sell, share or otherwise desecrate your private information!


Volume 1:
1. Mr Nibbles – m324 (NeuTek “Genus” Remix)
2. [Kill Ref] – Melanconica ClassM (Vertical67 Remix)
3. Scrubber Fox – Gash Rash (Koolmorf Widesen Remix)
4. Holy Mark Swift Remix, Gasman!
5. Joel-Aime Beauchamp vs brokeBust – Touched Megamix
6. Mr Nibbles feat. NeuTek – 303EMU
7. Koolmorf Widesen – Bow94 (Scrubber Fox Remix)
8. NeuTek – Orinoco (Roy Of The Ravers “Centrifugal Force” Remix)
9. Gareth Clarke – Disillusion (Yellow Then Blue Remix)
10. Oxynucid – The Doog (Oxynucid “Post-Jazz” Remix)
11. Myoptik feat. Data Out – Former Lunatic Bites (Reflexicon Remix)

Volume 2:
12. Mark Swift – Desparate Moments (The Gasman Remix)
13. Oxynucid – pH 6.6 (Quip Litmus Remix)
14. Koolmorf Widesen – Bow94 (Kill Ref Remix)
15. NeuTek – BestBefore (Mr Nibbles Remix)
16. Oxynucid – WATMM Wedding (Ursa “WATTM Funeral” Remix)
17. Uncool Sam – Oh8 (Myoptik “Tiny Revival” Remix)
18. NeuTek – Orinoco (Roy Of The Ravers “Laser Dome” Remix)
19. Mrs Jynx – Martian (Aniline Remix)
20. Mr Nibbles – m324 (NeuTek “Nibbldean” Remix)
21. NeuTek – Busby Soundsystem (Idiron Soundtrack Remix)
22. brokeBust – Changes (Sadistician “Yes, The Blood Does Come Anyway…” Remix)
23. Scrubber Fox – 12 Volt Minge (Feldermelder “quantsize” Remix)

Download from website:
Press/Contact: [email protected]

Track 23 mastered by Julien Grandjean at Jet Lag Studios, Vevey, Switzerland.

Published by The Centrifuge using a Creative Commons License.

The Centrifuge: Experimental electronic events, netlabel and artist management. View our artist roster PDF:

The Centrifuge @ Futuresonic Festival 2009 Workshop Videos Online!

Here it is, footage from the very first Workshop/Seminar series that The Centrifuge has organised, at Futuresonic Festival in Manchester, May 2009. Apologies for the sound and video quality, limited budget an’ all that!

Street Rave Footage to follow…

1) Scrubber Fox, Mr Underwood & DJ Stuff – Microcontrollers & the physical environment: an sonic exploration of microcontrollers, tactile sensors and mechanical devices. /

Sam Underwood and Gary Naylor are electronic musicians hailing from Cornwall and Wigan. Both ‘inventor makers’, they have come together to develop their first collaborative piece for the festival. This will see electronics, interactivity and music collide. Futuresonic will play host to the unveiling, showcase and performance of their work.

Mr Underwood and Scrubber Fox Part 1

Mr Underwood and Scrubber Fox Part 1

2) NeuTek –
Adventures with Piggy Tracker : the pocket studio/performance package

NeuTek (aka Dean Forrest) is an Oslo-based musician and programmer, releasing music exclusively on the The Centrifuge netlabel. He uses bespoke open-source tracker software and portable devices to create technical, emotive and challenging ‘chip-glitch’ music with a dynamic and energetic performance aesthetic.

Piggy tracker is a light weight, multiple platform, powerful music composition tool. In this seminar you will see piggy’s features demonstrated and learn how to compose a song and play it live, all within your hands and off a couple of AA batteries. The utilisation of Piggy tracker has led to the world’s first live “wireless street rave” – the music is created and manipulated live by NeuTek and the Boombot Soundsystem’s speaker-suits form a mobile PA.


3) Raw Hedroom –
Jazzmutant Lemur Masterclass

Gareth Williams, otherwise known as Raw Hedroom, has been making waves of late. His recent work has been climbing Beatport’s techno charts and he is one of highly influential German techno label, Trapez’s most recent signings. His own brand of electronic music is technical and often melodic, yet puts the real emphasis on pushing an infectious groove.

After a classical upbringing, thanks to his music-teaching mother, Gareth was seduced by bleeps and buzzes at a tender age and has been practising his dark art ever since. An early adopter of the Lemur, Gareth uses Jazzmutant’s groundbreaking touchscreen controller alongside Ableton Live as as a powerful performance and compositional tool. Being able to “touch” and physically manipulate sounds intuitively allows him to deliver a precisely crafted set. In the studio it lets him capture the human error and groove which is missing from a lot of clinically sequenced electronic music.

This workshop will demonstrate the following aspects of the Lemur/Live partnership while showcasing a number of features from Lemur’s new V2 firmware update:

Performing a powerful hybrid live/DJ set with the Lemur/Live combination
Using the Lemur with Live as a powerful sound-design tool
Natural and musical sequencing with Lemur and Live

Raw Hedroom Part 1

Raw Hedroom Part 2

4) Ben Eyes (aka Quip) –
Live Looping techniques using modular software environments

Using software it is now possible to create live loops on the fly, in a similar fashion to the popular looper pedals. However the modular possibilities of programs such as Audiomulch allow far more creative use of looping. Ben Eyes will be discussing some of the techniques he uses for performance and composition. He will also show off the new mac version of Audiomulch and show how you can use Ableton as a Live Looping platform.


5) Richard Devine –
Jazzmutant Lemur Masterclass

As an artist his productions are frequently intricate, heavily processed and intense, being held in the highest regard by journalists, music fans and seminal artists such as Autechre and Aphex Twin alike. He has released 4 full-length albums on Schematic, Warp, Asphodel, and Sublight records and has performed his own ear-tearing music mayhem worldwide.

He has done film score work for Touchstone Pictures, sound mangling for Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, designed countless commercials and done sound design for companies from uber-cool audio companies like Native Instruments, Ableton and Access to car firms such as Audi and BMW!

Being the kind of guy who loves to use (and abuse) any new technology he can get his hands on, he took to the Jazzmutant Lemur like a (rather twisted) duck to water.

In his workshop he will demonstrate how he has been using the Lemur for all of the above! He will discuss how he’s taken advantage of Jazzmutant multitouch technology in multiple situations:

Playing live
Working in the studio
Producing sound design
The workshop will feature use of the Lemur in a variety of applications, including Ableton Live, Native Instruments Reaktor and Traktor, Cycling 74’s Max/MSP and more.

Richard Devine Part 1

Richard Devine Part 2

A lot can happen in a year…


Well, its been a year since we launched The Centrifuge’s netlabel with our first London show (at the now defunct Epicurean Lounge) and what a year it’s been!

At the last count we’ve put on or been heavily involved about 35 shows in 4 UK cities (London, Nottingham, Leeds and Manchester) in the past 12 months, in spaces as diverse as galleries, clubs,  city centre spaces, warehouses and community centres. Not to be outdone, the label has released 27 EPs, albums and compilations.

Here at The Centrifuge HQ we’d like to extend a sincere, heartfelt thankyou to everyone who’s been involved with both sides of our activities, including but not limited to:

Label -NeuTek, Sadistician / Unit Cell, Captain Chaos, Oxynucid, Scrubber Fox, Loz Koleszko, Communicon, The Gasman, Idiron Soundtrack, Carl Brown, Gareth Clarke, Mark Swift, Fractional, Uncool Sam / Glaztze / Mr Underwood, brokeBust / Guide, Myoptik, LJ Kruzer, Manglebot, abscissa, Reflexicon, Formication, Richard Devine, Puzzleweasel,  Koolmorf Widesen, Ken Bock, Sinnataggen, DH Sublord, Jash, Chevron, Joel-Aime Beauchamp, Ursa, Quip, Veqtor, Yellow Then Blue, QXTC, Mrs Jynx & heaps more to come!

Events – NeuTek, missaw, Ebola / Zeddemore, Captain Chaos, Wisp, Al Qaholic, Plucking Skanker, Sadistician / Unit Cell, Oxynucid, Quip, Scrubber Fox, Communicon, The Gasman, Idiron Soundtrack, Gareth Clarke, Mark Swift, Uncool Sam / Glatze / Mr Underwood, brokeBust / Guide, Myoptik, abscissa, Formication, Richard Devine, Puzzleweasel, Koolmorf Widesen, Sinnataggen, Chevron, Ursa, Mrs Jynx, The Acid Factory, Rob Hall, Mr 76ix, Syntheme, DJ Scotch Egg, Ove-Naxx, Maruosa, Bogulta, Chevron, DMX Krew, The Boombot Soundsystem, Dolphin, Scheme Boy, Raw Hedroom, DJ Stuff, Zanf, The Doubtful Guest, Feldermelder, AGT Rave Cru, Daedelus, Lone, Joe Germlin & loads more I’m sure I’ve forgotten (sorry! let us know if you’re missed and we’ll sort it out!)

Crews – Adverse Camber, I Love Acid, Plex, Lobotomy, Strictly Come Rinsing, Kombination Funk, Redrum and many others…

And finally – big respect to Tom Brennan, Gilbert Sinnott, Alex Henson, Ameet Hindocha for graphics and photography; Alex Wintermute for mastering, the management at Ginglik (London), Blueprint (Nottingham), Moog (Nottingham), The Common Place (Leeds), Urbis (Manchester), Blink (Manchester), The Epicurean Lounge (London), Gramaphone (London); and love to our pals at Acroplane Recordings, Rephlex Records, Balkan Vinyl, Planet Mu, Warp Records, Skam Records, n5MD, 030303 and many other excellent crews for gracing our shows and keeping the fire burning.

We’re aiming to put links up to artist, label and events crews soon, the power of google search should help you in the meantime if you’re curious!

Keep on keeping on, here’s to another cracking 12 months.

The Centrifuge x

First batch of photos from Futuresonic Festival Online!

Check ’em out on Facebook (no account necessary)…