[CF503] Various Artists – Continuum Hypothesis Compilation

[CF503] Various Artists – Continuum Hypothesis. Released on Monday 15th April 2013. Final volume of a 3-part compilation celebrating 5 years of The Centrifuge. Final volume of a 3-part compilation celebrating 5 years of The Centrifuge. Continuum Hypothesis mines a visceral seam of sonic inquiry resolving the corporeal and cognisant.

[CF502] Various Artists – Turbulent Topographies Compilation

[CF502] Various Artists – Turbulent Topographies. Released on Monday 17th December 2012. Second volume of a 3-part compilation celebrating 5 years of The Centrifuge. Turbulent Topographies explores chaotic and disparate undulations in texture and rhythm across the sonic landscape.

[CF501] Various Artists – Moments of Inertia Compilation

[CF501] Various Artists – Moments of Inertia. Released on Monday 28th October 2012. First volume of a 3-part compilation celebrating 5 years of The Centrifuge. Moments of Inertia is for when you lose yourself in a reverie, the fleeting non-dual experience when we realise everything is one holonic supra-organism hurtling around nested, unfolding revolutions through […]

[CF063] Roy of the Ravers – 2012 Annual LP

[CF063] Roy of the Ravers – 2012 Annual LP. Released on Monday 14th May 2012. Mysterious hardware fiend Roy of the Ravers returns for a fresh instalment of acidic analogue jams aimed squarely at the dancefloor. Need we say any more…?

[CF062] The Gasman – Clubfoot EP

[CF062] The Gasman – Clubfoot EP. Released on Monday 16th April 2012. Christopher Reeves returns for his fourth installment of idiosyncratic electronics under his “The Gasman” moniker on The Centrifuge label. This time he takes aim at the 80s, with what he describes as a selection of “footwork classics”. So is he jumping on the […]

[CF061] Gareth Clarke – Atheist In Foxhole EP

[CF061] Gareth Clarke – Atheist In Foxhole EP. Released on Monday 12th March 2012. Gareth Clarke delivers his long awaited sophomore release, underlining his reputation as one of the brightest lights and best-kept secrets in electronic music today. Oozing elegance and sensory richness throughout; subtle, playful and visceral often in the same moment, somehow. GC […]

[CF060] Velapene Screen – What If They Can’t Trust You? LP

[CF060] Velapene Screen – What If They Can’t Trust You? LP. Released on Tuesday 14th February 2012. Bumper selection of advanced electronic tweakery from America’s Velapene Screen, with 14 originals cruising through breakbeats, glitches and melodies alongside remix treatments from Meat Beat Manifesto, Duran Duran Duran, Sense and Kero.

[CF059] Lodsb – Aero LP

[CF059] Lodsb – Aero LP. Released on Monday 16th January 2012. Lodsb steps the processing up a notch on this release, a no holds barred excursion into digital deconstruction. Disturbing and beautiful in equal parts, this album is not for the casual listener, but is rather an intricate and overwhelming excursion into dense and challenging […]

[CF058] Rotodrone – Sail Home EP

[CF058] Rotodrone – Sail Home EP. Released on Monday 12th December 2011. Sail Home is Rotodrone’s sophomore release, a 4-tracker with funky breaks, sunshine bleeps and playful squeaks within.

[CF057] Carl Brown – Time Release LP

[CF057] Carl Brown – Time Release LP. Released on Monday 29th August 2011. Carl Brown returns for his 3rd album on The Centrifuge label, full of East Anglian electronic sorcery.

[CF056] Alan Morse Davies – Svalbard LP

[CF056] Alan Morse Davies – Svalbard LP. Released on Monday 27th June 2011. “Svalbard” is a collection of ambient pieces based on the landscape of the Svalbard archipelago.

[CF055] th’idiot – Decent Refuge EP

[CF055] th’idiot – Decent Refuge EP. Released on Monday 30th May 2011. A quartet of original braindance tracks from Brighton’s th’idiot and a remix of each by Global Goon, Luke’s Anger, Roy of the Ravers and the mysterious DJ Spunkshower.

[CF054] Roy of the Ravers – Green Irish Tweed LP

[CF054] Roy of the Ravers – Green Irish Tweed LP. Released on Monday 25th April 2011. Roy of the Ravers releases his debut album, a somewhat deeper and darker affair than the “2010 Annual” EP and showing another side to the enigmatic acid-purveying, comic strip plagiarising hardware aficionado. Anyone else wondering what happened to track […]

[CF053] Myoptik – Night Raidz LP

[CF053] Myoptik – Night Raidz LP. Released on Monday 28th March 2011. Myoptik’s first full-length album for The Centrifuge sees him take a skewed and propulsive look at aerial combat past, present and future. Night Raidz is a surging attack on the senses; rich with emotion and disorientation. Simultaneously putting the listener inside the fractuous, […]

[CF052] Automatic Tasty – Life After Debt LP

[CF052] Automatic Tasty – Life After Debt LP. Released on Sunday 30th January 2011. Ireland’s gear wizard Automatic Tasty delivers a long-awaited album for The Centrifuge.

[CF051] Various Artists – Rotodrone Remixed

[CF051] Rotodrone Remixed LP Released. Released on Sunday 24th October 2010.

[CF050] Roy of the Ravers – 2010 Annual EP

[CF050] Roy of the Ravers – 2010 Annual EP. Released on Sunday 19th September 2010. Top of the league for acid!

[CF049] The Gasman – Polymerase EP

[CF049] The Gasman – Polymerase EP. Released on Sunday 1st July 2010. 7 tracks exploring deconstructions & reconfigurations of early to mid-nineties era music.

[CF048] Glatze – Glatze EP

[CF048] Glatze – Glatze EP. Released on Sunday 18th July 2010. Glatze’s self-titled debut EP is a fun and frenetic ride through his self-proclaimed Romany Surf Step style. Bored with people taking themselves too seriously Glatze has set out to make you smile, and dance around like a twat. Capturing the energy and humour of […]

[CF047] The Weather Channel EP

[CF047] The Weather Channel EP. Released on Sunday 4th July 2010. Acid electro and techno alias of Yellow Then Blue.

[CF046] Volitune – C EP

[CF046] Volitune – C EP. Released on Sunday 16th May 2010. Sweet acid and funky basslines in this EP from Volitune, with 3 bonus remixes.

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