[CF060] Velapene Screen – What If They Can’t Trust You? LP

[CF060] Velapene Screen – What If They Can’t Trust You? LP

Released on Tuesday 14th February 2012 at

Bumper selection of advanced electronic tweakery from America’s Velapene Screen, with 14 originals cruising through breakbeats, glitches and melodies alongside remix treatments from Meat Beat Manifesto, Duran Duran Duran, Sense and Kero.

Reviews in Igloo Mag | Hipsterwave | Thismusicisfree


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1. Brakes Are For Quitters
2. Superhero Ghost
3. Knees High
4. No Hunt No Game
5. My Beat
6. Breathe Again
7. Big Sand
8. Glass Eye Rewind
9. Breaks the Habit
10. Making The Meat
11. 5-iVE (Meat Beat Manifesto My Beat Remix)
12. Breathe Again (Kero Remix)
13. My Beat (Duran Duran Duran Remix)
14. A Drink In The Right Glass
15. Fins And Legs
16. Ghosty Eye Holes
17. What If They Can’t Trust You
18. Breathe Again (Sense’s In, Out and Around Mix)

Music & artwork by Chris Ghiraldi, mastering by Keith Derek Jackson

Artist Notes:
This record was and is about exploring the creative process, there’s a subtle truth in creating something that drives you to create more. Creative cannibalism can work if it’s for fueling purposes. Changing my comfort zone and moving to the desert gave birth almost a full year of solid writing, late nights, love, friends, lies, truths, exploration and forward thinking all realized in a hot, dry, bleak and lonely place. This record wouldn’t have happened if not for a few simple moments in perfect position. I was also graced with some amazing remixes from some of the most talented musicians I’ve come to know and respect. Thanks for the contributions of extraordinary sound from Jack Dangers, Kero, Duran Duran Duran and Sense.

Thank you to Natalie C, Keith Derek Jackson, Digital Nimbus, The Centrifuge, Bill Youngman, Charlie Nicolls, Dj Rubrene, Big Picture Media, Rob Paterson, Glen Ganguzza, Regina Spektor, Jack Dishel, Threv, Damian Conti, Jill, Ciro, Alexis and Igloo Mag. Thanks for supporting at every chance and making this record feel like a gift and a piece of art to me. Wassim, thanks man, I’m glad we got to talking and crossed paths here. Natalie you are a trooper for sitting through 90 percent of the writing in our high rise apartment in the sky (with windows that didn’t open). Hey Leyland, I finally have some time to tell you to shave.

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