[CF037] Terrificolor – 3 EP Released

[CF037] Terrificolor – 3 EP

Released on Sunday 3rd January at, free download.

Hyperactive sonic explorations sitting in the lawless territory between drill and bass, IDM and acid.


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1. In Slut
2. Synchronisme
3. Trois Françoisquante
4. Sonata Op 111
5. Délicieuse Enfant
6. Sonofox Opiates (Sonata Op 111 Scrubber Fox Remix)

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An attraction to the extremes of music, sound synthesis and dolphins has led Terrificolor (Fabien) to the sound of breakcore and drill and bass. He used to play the guitar in grindcore bands, but the lure of sole control over his creative output led him to electronic music production.

“3” is the second EP from Terrificolor – “Murphi” being the first – which combines vintage (MKS 80, Juno,Trident, TR etc) and modern sounds (Andromeda, Elektron MD, reaktor…) into a rollercoaster trip through a deranged bastard child of breakcore, hardware and electronica.

All the tracks on this record have been composed and mixed by Terrificolor except “Délicieuse enfant” composed by Terrificolor & Rectom and “Sonofox opiates” which is a remix of “Sonata Op 111″ composed and mixed by Scrubber Fox.

The principle of Terrificolor’s music is to shape the random and to use opposition, contrast and movements.

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